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Director of the Department of Agriculture of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization visited the factory
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On November 13, 2016, Mr. Gerado Patacconi, Director of the Department of Agriculture of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and Mr. Karl Schebesta, Senior Officer, Department of Agriculture, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, visited the headquarters of the Xianzhi Building Group. United Nations officials in 2015 awarded the immortal floor of the "food and medicine cultivation and processing technology demonstration base" plaque before the pictures
During the period, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization officials visited the Xianzhu Lou Group Hall, the immortal building made by the achievements of a great affirmation. In understanding the immortal building is a Ganoderma all industrial chain enterprises, Mr. Chang on the immortalized building products traceability system showed a strong interest.
United Nations officials understand the products of Cyperaceae Ganoderma lucidum
  Xian Li Lou Group Chairman Mr. Li Ye to the guests in detail the situation of the company, from the self-built base, breeding species, imitation wild organic cultivation to deep processing of products, and then to the terminal sales. The Group for each link are subject to strict monitoring and testing, each step are scientific records. More than 20 years of organic organic Ganoderma all the industrial chain production of the road, so that the establishment of a scientific and perfect Xizhi floor of the organic management system, the whole organic traceability system to give each Xianzhu floor organic Ganoderma unique identity File, the system can be a Ganoderma lucidum, each product implementation of all-round tracking, supervision, to ensure that Ganoderma lucidum from planting, processing, warehousing, sales, logistics to consumers are safe, high quality and efficiency.
Mr. Li Ye, Chairman of Xianzhi Lou Group, briefed the United Nations officials on the business situation
  Mr. Patacconi highly praised the immense attitude of the Xianzhi Building Group to treat the products, hoping the company will continue to increase investment in R & D, to a higher level.
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