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The 2016 International Conference on Ganoderma Research is officially begun today
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In order to further promote Ganoderma lucidum scientific research and promote the development of food industry, 2016 International Congress of Ganoderma lucidum opened on November 11, in Fuzhou. The conference was organized by the International Ganoderma Research Institute, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the Chinese Edible Fungi Association, the Fuzhou Municipal People's Government, the Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture, the Ganoheb Group, Fujian Provincial Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center, Fujian Province, edible fungus industry associations, Fuzhou, edible fungus industry associations, Fujian Provincial Association of Microbiology Professional Committee of medicinal fungi. The conference is sponsored by Ganoherb Group.

The participants brought together more than 880 experts, professors and representatives from China, the United States, Japan, Nigeria, Serbia and other countries and regions. The event was presided over by Zhang Zeming, Deputy Secretary-General of Fuzhou Municipal People's Government.

Prof. Lin  Zhibin, President of the International Ganoderma Research Association and Prof.
 Lin Zhibin of Peking University make a speech

Prof. LinZhibin, President of the International Ganoderma Research Association and Prof.Lin Zhibin of Peking University, said that the conference was to further promote the modern research and development of Ganoderma lucidum and make it  confirm to the plan of Healthy China in 2030. The conference will focus on  sharing and researching Ganoderma lucidum classification, modern cultivation  techniques, active ingredients, product quality control, new product research and development, health function, pharmacological effects, clinical application  and other aspects of the research results, promote research cooperation, promote Ganoderma lucidum industry sustainable development of.


Vice Mayor  of Fuzhou Municipal People 's Government make a speech

Fuzhou  Municipal People's Government Deputy Mayor Keshi Yan introduce that Fuzhou edible fungus industry has a long history of cultivation, rich variety of  resources, there are four state-level edible fungus research institutions settled in Fuzhou. The International Conference on Ganoderma lucidum is an important platform for national and even global ganoderma industry. The conference was held in Fuzhou, which provided us with the opportunity to learn and exchange. We believe that the conference will further promote edible  mushroom culture and promote the scientific research and industrial development  of edible mushroom.

 Li Ye, CEO  of Ganoherb group make a speech

 Li Ye, CEO of Ganoherb group  said that,in  recent years, with the support of all walks of life, the Ganoherb has made  great progress in research, cultivation, production and sales of Ganoderma  lucidum, and its R & D center has been approved as a national research and  development of edible fungus processing technology center. Ganoderma lucidum  has been actively involved in the contractor, co-organized at home and abroad  academic conference of Ganoderma lucidum, is committed to building an  international academic exchange platform for Ganoderma lucidum, hope that the  participants harvest the fruitful development of Ganoderma, and have better  understanding of Fuzhou through the conference. 


The  opening ceremony of the "Ganoderma lucidum talk" on new book release  ceremony, by the participants witnessed the International Congress of Ganoderma  lucidum start. After the opening ceremony, Prof. Hong Zhaoguang, the chief  health expert of the Commission, Prof. Lin Zhibin, President of International  Ganoderma Research Institute and Prof. Lin Zhibin of Peking University made the  keynote speeches respectively: "sowing health, harvesting happiness"  and "Ganoderma lucidum: strengthening healthy and healthy China"


"Ganoderma  lucidum talk" on new book release ceremony

November 11 to 12 of these experts and scholars from around the world Ganoderma industry will stay for two days of Ganoderma lucidum academic conference.

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