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Ganoherb sponsor 2016 International Conference,on Ganoderma Research, dragon and the phoenix shaped Ganoderma catch eye
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2016 International  Conference on Ganoderma lucidum, is a global event.  As a leading enterprise in the Ganoderma industry, Ganoherb support academic activities in the industry to many times. Ganoherb is  the sole sponsor of this conference, and 

become the focus of attention. 



                                      eye-catching dragon and the  phoenix shaped Ganoderma
As a totem of auspiciousness and longevity  in Chinese traditional culture, Ganoderma lucidum is endowed with life-giving  spirit and light-weight spirit. It is a myriad of tales and a great many  appearances in various architecture, calligraphy, artifacts and artworks. dragon and the  phoenix shaped Ganoderma symbolize the unique Chinese Ganoderma culture.

Ganoderma  lucidum as a traditional Chinese medicine gem, in recent years become Fuzhou  public health care product, in the opening scene Ganoherb display "dragon  and phoenix Ganoherb" to attract the attention of many people, have many  people posed for pictures. 

In ancient  times, people think that Ganoderma lucidum can be revive a person from death,  it will be regarded as immortality. After modern scientific research, Ganoderma  lucidum with liver detoxification, improve cardiovascular, cough and asthma and  other effects. But ordinary people have little knowledge for Ganoderma. In  order to make people can be more close to Ganoderma lucidum, Ganoherb bringing  various types of self-developed fungus products, and prepare Ganoderma tea for  the participants.

"There are thousands of Ganoderma lucidum series products on the market, but there are  no quality standards in Ganoderma lucidum, a lot of Ganoderma lucidum  manufacturers to use inferior products to confuse the consumer of fungus. Fujian  is the hometown of edible fungus, as Ganoderma lucidum industry, the drafter of  a number of national standards, we hope to do our best to regulate Ganoderma  lucidum market, enhance industry technology, and promote industry-wide  standards. By holding Ganoderma conference to let more people understand the  role of Ganoderma culture and health care."As the organizer,Ganoherb’s  CEO Li Ye said.


Ganoherb  group’s CEO is on an interview

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