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Life cycle of Lingzhi
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Like all fungi or mushrooms, Ganoderma (Lingzhi) has no chlorophyll, and cannot synthesize carbohydrates via photosynthesis. It is by means of saprophytism or parasitism, Ganoderma(Lingzhi) acquires its needed carbon and nitrogen from other organic sources. This way of sustaining life is called heterotrophy, as opposed to morphosis. It differentiates Lingzhi and the higher, green plants. Grown either on logs or culture media, Lingzhi consists of mycelia and fruiting body. Mycelium is the white hyphae, which penetrates into the wood or culture medium. It is extremely powerful in breaking down those materials with various enzymes in order to extract nutrients for growth. The fruiting body grows above the log or medium and releases basidiospore(spores) when ripens. Merely a minure portion of the spores released from the fruiting body would land on adequate place (e.g. , dead or decaying wood) and germinate into mycelium. Under appropriate conditions, the “primary” mycelia will grow into the "secondary" and "tertiary" mycelia, and eventually, fruiting body. In the late phase of a fruiting body, basidium is formed and basidiospores produced.

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