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Therapeutic efficacy of Lingzhi on hyperlipidemia
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Lingzhi alone or combined with other lipid-lowering drugs is effective on treating hyperlipidemia. On therapeutic applications, Lingzhi showed the following characteristics: (1)In varying degrees, Lingzhi lowers serum cholesterol, triglyceride, β-lipoprotein and LDL, and increases HDL. (2)It reduces blood and plasma viscosity and improve hemo-rheological properties of the blood facilitating blood flow and circulation. (3)A synergistic effect exists when Lingzhi is used in combination with the conventional lipid-lowering drugs. (4)Efficacy of Lingzhi in treating hyperlipidemia relates to the pathogenetic conditions, drug dosage and treatment time on a patient. Generally, mild and moderate hyperlipidemic patient and patients with a large dose of Lingzhi and long treatment period show better effect. (5)The synthesized lipid-lowering drugs currently used for clinical purposes often cause liver damage. Taking Lingzhi or Lingzhi products along with the prescription drugs can prevent or mitigate the injuries. (6)Patient’s improvements on appetite sleep quality and energy can also result from administering Lingzhi.
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