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Preventive and Therapeutic Effect of Lingzhi on Diabetes Mellitus
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1. Ganoderma protects islet cells, regulates and stabilizes blood sugar

Ganoderma lucidum not only protects islet cells but also prevents the occurrence of diabetes and reduces fat accumulation.
The researchers first injected mice with chemicals to destroy islet cells to form type 1 diabetes. In the untreated mice, the pancreatic islet cells were almost completely killed. However, for the mice fed with Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, their partial pancreatic islet cells survived and continued to proliferate, and each cell secreted more insulin. In this way, the blood sugar level of the mice naturally improved.
For type 2 diabetes caused by diet or obesity, Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides and triterpenes also have a hypoglycemic effect. The reason why these ingredients are "effective" can be roughly divided into three aspects:
 (1)  These active ingredients can reduce inflammation and reduce islet cell casualties.
 (2) They can inhibit the breakdown of starch or glycogen and reduce glucose production.
 (3) They can promote insulin secretion, increase the cell's sensitivity to insulin (that is, reduce insulin resistance), and speed up the cell's uptake and utilization of glucose, allowing more glucose to enter the cell.
Note: The above Content is an excerpt from Lingzhi, Ingenious beyond Description, Page  125.


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