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Fujian Medical Workers of Aiding Hubei Returned Home
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On the eve of the return, Fujian natives lighted up to cheer for them. The Fuzhou subway station also removed the advertisements on the wall and replaced them with group portraits of medical workers sent to aid treatment in Hubei province.

It is understood that as of February 25, Fujian has sent a total of 12 medical teams including 1393 members to aid Hubei. We appreciate their guard and hard work day and night. We welcome the heroes'' returning home.

Facing the epidemic situation, as a leading Ganoderma enterprise, GanoHerb Group is also always paying attention to the epidemic situation, conducting epidemic prevention and control and contributing its efforts to fighting the coronavirus.

Since January 29, GanoHerb has joined the epidemic prevention and control fight through financial donations, material donations and other means.
Up to now, GanoHerb Group has donated Lingzhi health products worth 5 million yuan, 27,000 medical masks, 2000 pairs of gloves, 20 sets of cleanroom suits and 100,000 yuan for epidemic prevention, helping medical workers strengthen their immunity and fight against the epidemic.


Besides, since February, Ganoherb specially prepared a series of Reishi mushroom products for all its cooperative pharmaceutical chains nationwide, helping pharmacy workers strengthen their immunity and guard their health.

Recently, with the gradual improvement of the coronavirus control situation, medical teams of aiding Hubei from all over the country were returning to their hometowns, including our lovely warriors in white from Fujian.
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