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Ganoderma can regulate uric acid and improve gout
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Some people with kidney disease also have gout. Uric acid in the blood is a waste produced by the liver metabolizing proteins, purines and other nitrogen-containing substances, which should have been excreted with urine but when the kidney function is poor, a large amount of uric acid will stay in the blood and combine with sodium ions to form urate crystals.

If you happen to have poor blood circulation (such as little activity due to cold weather), these macromolecules that can't move with the bloodstream will deposit everywhere, especially in the joints at the ends of the hands and feet. When the responsible white blood cells find "aliens", the body starts to inflame and gout occurs!

In actual experience, many patients with high uric acid and gout rely on 
Ganoderma to relieve their symptoms.Lingzhi may play an important role in regulating inflammation (immune) response, promoting blood circulation and improving renal function. In fact, the normal liver does not form so much uric acid, and Reishi Mushroom, which is good at protecting the liver, may also regulate the production of uric acid from the source. When the uric acid becomes less and can be discharged, patients with kidney disease will become less worried

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