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Ganoherb’s 2019 Annual Review
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2019 is the 30th year when GanoHerb plants Ganoderma.



Sticking  to the source quality of genuine Lingzhi

GanoHerb has passed the organic certification of China, the US, Japan and the EU for 14 consecutive years.

GanoHerb plantation has been identified as a log-cultivated Ganoderma lucidum standardization base of China Edible Fungi Association. 

The project (No. 2019YFC1710500) titled “Demonstration study on standardized cultivation of high-quality authentic traditional Chinese medicinal materials produced in Fujian including Ganoderma 

lucidum and Pseudostellaria heterophylla and precision poverty alleviation” was officially approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology on December 23, 2019.



GanoHerb strictly controlled very link of production, established “Wuyi Shanshui”Brand Product Traceability System, invested in the construction of more than 2000㎡ testing laboratory, updated 

the critical CO2 extraction device and purchased ICP-MS in order to fully test and control the product quality. 

GanoHerb developed new oral Traditional Chinese Medicine decoction pieces such as Salvia miltiorrhiza powder, hawthorn powder and Dendrobium officinale powder.  

GanoHerb has become one of the only two health food production enterprise system (pilot) enterprises in Fujian province. 



GanoHerb has continued to advance the independent innovation and deepen the layout of patents.

“A kind of Ganoderma Lucidum Anti-tumor Softgel and Its Preparation Methods”

“The Preparation and Application of A kind of Enoki Mushroom Anti-tumor Water-soluble Composition”

GanoHerb Ganoderma Spore Polysaccharides Extraction Technology was awarded the 2019 China Plant Extraction Technology Innovation Prize.

The International Business Standard on Ganoderma Extract (Ethanol Extract) developed by GanoHerb was published and implemented.



GanoHerb was selected as the classic case of strengthening the county economy with one brand that represents one county.

Wuyi Shanshui Brand went to Beijing for tasting and appreciation three times and appeared twice at the China International Import Expo (CIIE).

GanoHerb collected Ganoderma mascot “ Little Ganoderma” nationwide.

GanoHerb created Ganoderma IP science column “Primordial Qi Theory of Ganoderma ”

Ganoderma Fun Fair offers a five-sense experience of primordial Qi.

GanoExtra, the whole Ganoderma essence,  appeared with a brand-new package on the market and on the CCTV channel.

GanoHerb launched a precise media placement of “Wuyi Shanshui and China Ganoderma” Brand through high-speed rail TV.



GanoHerb staff commented 2019 to be a lucky year full of inspirations.

GanoHerb was awarded the 2019 National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise.

A Practice Point of the Practice Base for National Intellectual Property Examiners settled down in GanoHerb Headquarters.

President Li Ye was determined as the leading talent in the sci-tech industry in the fourth batch of the National Ten Thousand Talents Plan.

GanoHerb, a Ganoderma lucidum supplier, was awarded Ganoderma Category Annual Brand Prize in the 11th 39 Health Overall Rankings.



GanoHerb opened 11 specialty stores in Humen, Wuxi and Panjin.

GanoHerb established more than 90 image counters in brand stores such as Jiuzhitang and Huairen Pharmacy.

Ganoherb opened shoppes in Tong Ren Ttang in Los Angeles, Wing Hop Fung and  Yi Xin Tang.

GanoHerb established the Internet Big Data Marketing platform.

GanoHerb built the Wechat app shopping mall.

GanoHerb increased Cross-border E-commerce channels.

GanoHerb built the online and offline interactive consumption experience mode.



GanoHerb undertook and participated in various Reishi Mushroom academic conferences.

GanoHerb studied how to boost the healthy development of the Lingzhi industry.

GanoHerb cooperated with Fujian Provincial Cancer Rehabilitation Association in launching the activity on Caring for Life and Giving Good Fortune. 

GanoHerb donated the “Bagging Fireflies Plan”  Education Aid Project initiated by Cancer Foundation of China. 

GanoHerb co-organized the precise assistance activity on Master Instructing Apprentice of Beijing’s famous doctors.

GanoHerb Becomes "2019 CCTV Strategic Partner" on ‘Avenue of Stars' Fujian Player Selection and ‘Starlight Charity Walk' Entering Nanping.


Original Inspiration

GanoHerb organized a 3-day trip to Jinggangshan to celebrate the 70th birthday of the motherland by learning the local revolutionary spirit.

GanoHerb spent 30 years in building its own dreams with Ganoderma and developing itself with its original inspiration.

GanoHerb aims to take care of the health of ordinary people with good Ganoderma until they grow old.

GanoHerb made constant efforts to realize its dream that Chinese Ganoderma will be shared by the world. 

In 2019, GanoHerb achieved outstanding performance by agglomerating mental efforts.

In 2020, on the peak of innovation and development, GanoHerb will keep going, realize a new stride leap, pursue the new dream  and create a Win-win future!


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