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Minor Cold
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Minor Cold is the twenty-third solar term, which marks the beginning of the coldest day of the year. 


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Minor Cold is the peak period of yin pathogen, so we should be careful to prevent cold evil from entering the body. We need to get through the cold weather and store up energy for the health in spring. Then what should be focused at this time?


Keeping warm and defending against the cold

To preserve health in Minor Cold, the first thing to pay attention to is "store" Yang Qi and defend against the cold. The four body parts should not catch cold.


Keeping your head and neck warm

Head and neck, if suffering from cold attack, are very easy to induce cold, headache and even cardiovascular disease.



Keeping your waist and back warm

The best way to keep your waist and back warm is to enjoy the sunshine. Basking yourself back to the sun can be strengthen Yang Qi of human body, make whole body Qi harmonious and invigorative.


Keeping the abdomen warm

We need to keep our abdomen warm to improve our ability to ward off the cold.


Keeping the feet warm

Since the feet are farthest from the heart and have less blood supply, cold is easy to invade from the bottom of the feet.  In addition to wearing warm shoes, it's best to soak your feet with hot water before going to bed, and then you may rub the arch of your feet to promote blood circulation.


During the Minor Cold, Yang Qi is latent. You may spend free time massaging the body to promote blood circulation in order to achieve the double effect of defending cold and conditioning the body. For this, you can often rub  the feet, abdomen, waist and neck.


What to east during the Minor Cold?

It is recommended to preserve Yin Qi through the diets, decrease the sweetness and increase the bitterness.


You may choose high-calorie, warm-natured foods such as sesame, chestnuts and milk. This health cultivation principle for this season is to store up vital essence, support healthy energy, focus on "defending against the cold and tonifying the kidneys". choose to eat walnuts, chestnuts, jujubes, longan, Chinese yam, lotus seeds, Polygonum multiflorum and Chinese wolfberry. However, those with hot constitution and easy to get angry should pay attention to the reasonable combination of hot-natured and cold-natured food.

You should tonify your body according to your body constitution.

Although the Minor Cold is the best period to tonify the body, it doesn't mean that what you only need is to eat a lot of tonics, Instead,  the tonics must be targeted. According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, nourishing the body is divided into four categories, namely tonifying Qi, blood, Yin and Yang. 


Deficiency of vital energy

If you experience sweating and mental fatigue after exercise, you should eat red ginseng, red jujube, atractylodes, Beiqi, Chinese yam and Schisandra.

Deficiency of blood

If you have symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, sallow complexion, pale lips, you should take Angelica, Shudi, radix paeoniae alba and Shouwu.

Deficiency of Yin

If you have night sweats, flushed cheeks and feverishness in palms and soles, you should take Radix Adenophorae and white fungus.


Autumn and winter are seasons for taking tonics or regulating the body, but some people do not need tonics. The health focus of this group of people should be on how to nurse the body. Ganoderma lucidum is the most suitable herb for various constitutions!


You may also consider drinking some ganoderma spirit made by yourself in the cold winter!

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