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GanoHerb’s Ten Charity Activities In 2019
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During the 2019 Spring Festival, as the representative of the charity enterprise of Cangshan District, GanoHerb presented poverty-stricken dwellers in Jinshan Sub-District with Ganoderma Lucidum Health Products. 


During the 2019 Spring Festival, GanoHerb and the project team of UNIDO visited Nanting Village, Changle Township, Pinghe County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province with Ganoderma gifts. 


During the national anti-cancer week in April 2019, GanoHerb launched a nationwide charitable donation of spore powder. The charity activities were conducted simultaneously in more than 90 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Xi 'an, Xiamen and Shijiazhuang, benefiting 10,000 families, which indeed contributes to the development of the national health.


At the main meeting place in Fuzhou, Ganoherb and 3 oncologists from Japan and 2 TCM experts from Fuzhou Weida TCM Cancer Hospital went to the scene to conduct free consultations for Fuzhou citizens and foreign tourists.


Zhangguojia Community, Zhangguojia Village, Xiakou Town, Lintao County, Gansu Province, has been suffering from drought, water shortages and agricultural irrigation difficulties, which seriously affected local agricultural planting output and income. In 2019, GanoHerb, a Reishi Mushroom manufacturer and supplier, donated RMB150,000 yuan to build a 10m * 5m * 4m large well. The large well has been successfully completed and put into use, which has increased the 410 acres of irrigable land in the local area, solved the problem of irrigation water for 100 people in 30 surrounding households, and boosted the income of farmers.


Among the 16 million yuan of mountain-sea cooperation funds of Huli District of Xiamen for offering assistance through pairing programs this year, 13 million yuan was used for the poverty alleviation project of the Ganoderma industry. The production of Ganoderma lucidum products drives poor households to achieve poverty alleviation.


In July, a team of Beijing medical experts held a symposium on precision assistance activities through Master Instructing Apprentice in Pucheng in the conference hall of GanoHerb Group. Hu Jianhua, Former deputy director of the Talent Bureau of the Central Organization Department, Zhao Yongli, deputy director of Fujian Provincial Talents Introduction Service Center, Shen Xiaowen, Pucheng County Magistrate, Chen Zhongmin, deputy director of the Organization Department of Nanping Municipal Party Committee and co-organizer Li Ye, President of GanoHerb Group, attended the symposium. The main point of the " Master Instructing Apprentice" assistance activity is to alleviate poverty through talents. It will organize Beijing experts to be "mentors", select key doctors in primary hospitals as "apprentices", and train local doctors one-on-one through the " Master Instructing Apprentice" approach to improve the primary medical level and practically solve the problem that ordinary people find it difficult to get medical service.


In August, the Nanping and Longyan Projects of China Cancer Foundation's “Bagging Fireflies Plan”, which was exclusively undertaken by GanoHerb, were successively launched. This is the second and third “Bagging Fireflies Plan” implemented in Fujian, and it has received full support of Fujian Provincial Poverty Alleviation and Development Association, Fujian Provincial Talent Introduction Service Center and local poverty alleviation and development associations. GanoHerb, a Lingzhi Manufacturer, uses practical actions to help more college students whose families become poor due to illness to successfully complete their studies.



In August, the 2019 CCTV "Avenue of Stars" Nanping District Finals large-scale evening gala featuring music and dance opened in Pucheng, Fujian. GanoHerb participated as the only sponsoring company of Ganoderma, assisted in the construction of the Starlight Music Classroom in Starlight charitable activities and promoted the revitalization of rural culture!


GanoHerb Becomes "2019 CCTV Strategic Partner" on ‘Avenue of Stars' Fujian Player Selection and ‘Starlight Charity Walk' Entering Nanping.


On October 6, the Zhongxin Double Ninth Festival Respecting- the- Elderly Forum with the theme of "Showing Filial Obedience to the Elderly, Respecting the Elderly and Loving the Elderly" organized by GanoHerb Group and Zhongxin Fellow Villagers in Fuzhou and co-organized by  Zhongxin Town Party Committee and Zhongxin Town Government was officially held. Gifts purchased and sponsored by GanoHerb, including 460 hand warmers and 550 towels and bath towel sets, will be delivered to more than 400 elderly people aged over 85 in rural villages in Zhongxin Town.


Li Chen (right), deputy general manager of the supply chain of GanoHerb Group, presents health gifts to the elderly.


On December 6, sponsored by the Fuzhou Cancer Rehabilitation Association Branch Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Fuzhou Cancer Rehabilitation Association, the Department of Oncology of the Joint Logistics Support Force No. 900 Hospital, Fujian Xianzhilou Biological Science and technology Co., Ltd., and Fuzhou Guode Senior Health Care Center and Fuzhou Anti-cancer Fitness Method Promotion Committee, the 2019 Fuzhou 100 Anti-Cancer Stars' 5-Year Anniversary of Living with Cancer was held at the Fuzhou Senior Citizens Sports Activity Center. GanoHerb promotes the development of the anti-cancer cause through sponsorship.



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