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GanoHerb Was Awarded “2019 National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise”
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According to the requirements of The National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise Cultivation Work Plan, on the recommendation of Fujian Provincial Intellectual Property Office and with approval from the expert group of the Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property Office, GanoHerb was identified as the "National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise in 2019". This is another achievement that GanoHerb gained by attaching importance to independent research and development of technology and in-depth implementation of intellectual property strategy.


The "National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise" is an enterprise with high quality of intellectual property rights, strong intellectual property protection and application ability, which has formed a competitive advantage in the intellectual property market and has regional influence. 


The high-quality patent is the basis for intellectual property to create value for the Ganoderma lucidum industry. The focus of the intellectual property work of GanoHerb is to realize the transformation of intellectual property achievements into benefits, to improve innovation ability and to develop competitiveness.


In December 2019, GanoHerb was officially awarded as the "Practice Point of Practice Base for Patent Examiners of the State Intellectual Property Office".

Scientific Breakthroughs on Ganoderma Promotes the Development of the Industry  

Since its establishment, GanoHerb has been deeply involved in the Ganoderma industry, constantly improving the technological system, optimizing the allocation of scientific and technological resources, establishing close cooperation with well-known research institutions at home and abroad, and co-building academician and expert workstation with research institutes, focusing on the efficacy and role of Ganoderma. GanoHerb has undertaken the development of a number of international and national standards on Lingzhi and has obtained a number of independent intellectual property rights.


Chief Expert Yao Weixi of GanoHerb Research Center working at the lab


So far, GanoHerb has gained nearly 40 patents including national invention patents, utility model patents and appearance patents, among which there are 24 patents that cover every production link including plantation, collection, production and processing of Reishi mushroom.


GanoHerb National Invention Patents are listed as follows:

A Method of Extracting, Separating and Purifying Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil;

A Method of Determining the Content of Ganoderic Acid A, B and C2 in a Ganoderma Ethanol Extract

A Kind of Ganoderma Tea Bag and Its Processing Technology;

A Kind of Ganoderma Sleep Aid Capsule and Its Preparation Method;

A Processing Method of Ganoderma Decoction Pieces Which Can Enhance the Dissolution Rate of Ganoderma Polysaccharides;

A Kind of Ganoderma Lucidum Anti-tumor Softgel and Its Preparation Method



Scientific force and deep processing co-build health cultivation plan based on Ganoderma.

In the future, GanoHerb will continue to carry out high-standard, high-quality, high-demand intellectual property work, continue to use intellectual property to promote the company's research innovation and technological transformation, comprehensively enhance the comprehensive application of intellectual property, and strive to achieve the goal of strengthing the enterprise with intellectual property and providing strong support for the high-quality development of the Ganoderma industry.


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