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Weng Yuyao, Head of Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, visited GanoHerb
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In order to effectively carry out poverty alleviation in the field of industry and information technology, Weng Yuyao, Head of Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and his group went to Pucheng County, Nanping to conduct an investigation on December 18. Those who accompanied the investigation were Zhou Yonghe, Secretary of Pucheng County Party Committee, Lin Wenlong, Deputy Chief of Pucheng County, Huang Barong, Director of Nanping Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and representatives of Pucheng County Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and Pucheng County Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The investigation group came to GanoHerb to investigate the Ganoderma lucidum strain production workshop, Ganoderma poverty alleviation workshop and the International Exchange Center project under construction and exhibition halls. The group also learned about the Ganoderma poverty alleviation industry and project development.


 Accompanied by GM Zhang Qiaoxia of Ganoherb Technology, Weng Yuyao (third from left) visited GanoHerb Technology Exhibition Hall

In recent years, Pucheng County has continued to support poor households to develop income-generating projects such as planting, breeding, and special handicraft industries. Enterprises allow poor households to buy shares and participate in profits by means of“entrusted management” and “entrusted planting”.

Among the 16 million yuan of mountain-sea cooperation funds of Huli District of Xiamen for offering assistance through pairing programs this year, 13 million yuan was used for the poverty alleviation project of the Ganoderma industry. The production of Reishi Mushroom products drives poor households to achieve poverty alleviation. 


 The investigation group visited Ganoderma workshop for poverty alleviation


Department Head Weng Yuyao checked the Ganoderma strains

It is reported that in 2009, Nanping City planned to build Ronghua Mountain cluster in Pucheng County. Li Ye, President of GanoHerb Group, responded to the returning project policy by returning to his home village to establish GanoHerb Technology (Fujian) Co., Ltd. and settle in Ronghua Mountain Industry cluster.

For many years, GanoHerb has played a demonstration role of a leading enterprise, dedicated to poverty alleviation by supporting poor households in Pucheng County in planting Ganoderma lucidum and created "company + base + poor households buying shares", "company + cooperatives + poor households", "transferring the land of poor households + giving priority to poor households in the employment training and arranging them to work in the bases", and created a "poverty alleviation workshop" for poor households to alleviate poverty.

By the end of 2018, GanoHerb had invested a total of more than 4 million yuan for poverty alleviation in the Lingzhi industry. The number of poverty-stricken households was 210, accounting for 3.9% of the total poverty-stricken households in the county. It employed 88 people from poor households and 600 seasonal workers. From 2017 to 2018, GanoHerb and Poverty Alleviation Development and Investment Management Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement on poverty alleviation with Ganoderma. At the end of the year, each poverty-stricken household received at least 3,000 yuan in net income. The project covers 11 villages and towns and has helped 210 “national or provincial” poverty-stricken households. In order to ensure a steady increase in the income of poor households, stabilize poverty alleviation and comprehensively win the battle against poverty, in 2019, 300 poor households in Pucheng county who are seriously ill, severely disabled, orphaned, having difficulty in going to school and receiving subsistence allowances will be included in the  Ganoderma entrusted management project.


The investigation group affirmed the practice of Ganoherb to promote precision poverty alleviation with the Ganoderma industry. It hoped that GanoHerb will continue to develop and innovate and expand the market to strengthen the health industry of Ganoderma, which will drive more poor households out of poverty in the future.

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