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GanoHerb Was Awarded Ganoderma Category Annual Brand Prize In The 11th 39 Health Overall Rankings
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Over the past 30 years, the traditional Chinese medicine Ganoderma lucidum health industry has gradually merged with the concepts such as diversified marketing, brand creation with culture, brand as king and quality as root. The collision of new exchanges and new thinking has provided good new opportunities for the marketing of the modern Ganoderma industry.


On December 19th, sponsored by the 39 Health and the Health China 2030 Index Research Institute, co-organized by Sixiangshou Advertising, and supported by GanoHerb and Xiyun Data, the "Health China Golden Magpie Annual Meeting and the 11th 39 Health Overall Rankings Award Ceremony was grandly held in Grand Hyatt Guangzhou.



As a brand event of the Healthy China 2030 Index Research Institute, the conference focused on product upgrades, channel upgrades, brand Internetization, and brand IP. Focusing on brand fashion and rejuvenation, the conference discussed in-depth the way of credence goods economy and brand upgrade in the era of mobile Internet in order to build the intrinsic value of the brand.


GanoHerb Ganoderma Experience Zone: VR experience and Lingzhi Tea Tasting 


This year's Golden Magpie Annual Conference was divided into four sections: expert insights, brand passwords, solutions and award ceremony, which attracted nearly a hundred outstanding corporate executives to attend and listen.



At the meeting,  a dozen industry experts including Professor Wang Haizhong, Director of China Brand Research Center (CBC), Ms. Zheng Yan, General Manager of Dentsu Public Relations Consultant (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Ms. Mai Qing, Dean of HBG Brand Growth Institute, and Mr. Lu Shifeng, 39 Health Director, generously presented their opinions, used the keen sense of the market to see the future of the industry, and conducted in-depth dialogues in terms of brands, channels, promotion and other aspects.


“Brand is not a simple logo. It can also be a way of life. In the initial stage of establishing the brand, the brand owner can attract the audience by creating topics.”

Wang Haizhong, Brand Strategy Management Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Sun Yat-Sen University, who is also  Marketing Academic Leader and Director of China Brand Research Centre (CBC)


“Brand reputation is an important part of brand equity. Maintaining brand reputation can effectively protect brand value.”

Ms. Zheng Yan, General Manager of Dentsu Public Relations Consultant (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


"Adhering to the perennial marketing penetration with the core purpose of 'reaching and moving real customers'."

Ms. Mai Qing, Dean of HBG Brand Growth Institute and Executive director of Baojie Consumer Products Institute


"The most important thing for a brand owner is not to post hot spots in order to increase their followers but to create hot spots!" “Focus on opportunities instead of problems.”

Mr.He, Quickstrike Location Public Relations Founder


"Brand building can range from activities to interactive marketing because brand building needs to connect with consumers just like being in love needs interaction."

Ms. Chen Tingting, China Marketing Director of King-to Nin Jiom


“We should persist in connecting data and activating cold data to serve users and marketing and truly achieve great penetration.”

Mr. Lu Shifeng, President of 39 Health


After the nomination of big data, public opinion screening, public announcement on the entire network, the preliminary evaluation by the judges and the re-evaluation of the enterprise, the list of "Annual Internet Influence of OTC Chinese Patent Medicine", "Annual Growth Brand", "Annual Brand" and other lists were officially announced. GanoHerb won the "Brand of the Year (Reishi Mushroom category)" award by virtue of its strong production strength, strong R & D advantages, good international reputation and huge brand development potential.



GanoHerb Group President Li Ye made a speech


The list of individual awards of the 11th 39 Health overall rankings was released


Awards Ceremony


Awarded Corporation


GanoHerb Corporate Video

Overall Rankings of 39 Health

As the core selection activity of the "Healthy China 2030 Brand Plan", the "39 Health Overall Rankings" is the earliest, most widely participated, most widely selected and most influential health industry Internet selection. It was established in China by 39 Health in 2007. 39 Health pioneered the selection of domestic medical and health network awards. After 11 years of development, the overall rankings have become an important vane in China's medicine and health field.

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