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Winter is coming. Is the source of your vitality well protected?
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In life, although people often jokingly say that their kidneys are not good and their poor energy and weak physical strength are attributed to their weak kidneys, there are various kidney-tonifying recipes on the market but blindly tonifying the kidney may cause greater harm to the body.


Kidney, the source of human vitality


In traditional Chinese medicine, "kidney" is a comprehensive concept: the kidney has the function of forming human body and maintaining human life activities. It determines the growth, development and reproduction of human body. It plays an important regulatory role in maintaining the metabolism of body fluids. It also helps coordinate the respiratory function of the lungs, making the breath smooth and deep.


According to 
The Inner Canon of Huangdi, the kidney stores and controls essence, or jing. It stores the congenital essence and the acquired essence. It has the function of storing essence and controlling growth, development and reproduction, which are corresponding to the winter. In winter, the kidney stores the Yang Qi of the natural world. In the freezing days, everything is sealed and stored, which is most conducive to the sealing and storage of Yang Qi and kidney essence of the human body.



At the same time, due to wintry outdoors conditions, people move less and eat more. The strong absorption function and exuberant anabolic metabolism of human body can help conserve Yang Qi, replenish essence. So the appropriate thing for health preservation in winter is kidney tonification.


Blind kidney tonification is dangerous.


Nourishing the kidney is an eternal topic in winter, but if we blindly tonify the kidney, our constitution will be greatly undermined. 



Blind kidney tonification can disrupt the balance of Yin and Yang in the body, which will cause illness.



Blind kidney tonification will lead to the misuse of drugs, which will aggravate the disease. For kidney Yin deficiency and kidney Yang deficiency, their clinical manifestations and pathogenesis are different. The misuse of the wrong drugs can only aggravate the illness.


Blind tonification can cause serious harm to the elderly.


According to Compendium of Materia Medica, Ganoderma can tonify kidney qi and replenish essence qi". Ganoderma lucidum is mild-natured and non-toxic. It plays the role of a two-way regulator in the body and methodically cooperates with the five organs of the human body to contribute to human health.



Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that essence, energy and spirit are the most important substances in the human body and the core part of human vitality. The chief physician and professor of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Du Jian, a well-known national doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, pointed out in the Lingzhi Primodial Qi Theory that essence refers to the material basis, including Qi, blood and essence fluid in the human body's internal organs. Qi refers to the function. If the material cannot perform its function, it needs the pushing of Qi to manifest it. What is manifested in the outside is Spirit. Looking vigorous or not is the external manifestation of the spirit.




Lingzhi can enter the heart, liver, lung and kidney channels to adjust the five internal organs of the human body and protect the health.



Mr. Karl, Senior Official of the Agricultural Division of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, visited GanoHerb(A Ganoderma Manufacturer) Lingzhi Plantation.


In 2017, The Research Conducted By Professor Yang Baoxue Of Peking University, Researcher Chen Ruoyun Of Chinese Academy Of Medical Sciences And Scholars Of Harvard Medical School Confirmed That Ganoderma Triterpenes Can Reduce The Negative Effects Of Gene Mutations By Maintaining The Normalization Of Cells, Bring Opportunities For Patients With Polycystic Kidney Disease, That Is, Reishi Mushroom Triterpenes Can Protect The Kidney.


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