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Let Chinese Reishi Give Out Fragrance In The Countries Along The Belt And Road
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"Very good, can Ganoderma lucidum be made into such a delicious biscuit?" "Are there many anti-tumor products based on Ganoderma lucidum in China?" "Your Ganoderma coffee is amazing, I want more"... On Nov. 11, the 27 members of the 2019 Edible Fungi Technology Training Courses from Developing Countries" such as Kenya, Namibia, Cuba and Botswana, accompanied by Liu Hong, Director of the International Training Department of the Asia-Pacific Edible Fungi Training Center, came to visit the GanoHerb Group Headquarters.



It is reported that the "2019 Edible Fungi Technology Training Course for Developing Countries" was hosted by the United Nations South-South Cooperation Network Demonstration Base of Fujian Province, jointly issued by China International Development Cooperation Agency and Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, and held in Fuzhou from October to November. This training course was decided by the Ministry of Commerce to help the developing countries develop the edible fungi industry, enhance Sino-foreign friendship and promote foreign cooperation. The training covers the cultivation, processing, machinery and industrial development of edible fungi.



“In 2015, after implementing the “Belt and Road” strategy, GanoHerb seized the opportunity to expand overseas markets. The products are sold in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. The countries along the Belt and Road can also enjoy our Ganoderma tea and Ganoderma coffee. China Ganoderma is increasingly recognized by the world."






▲ At the symposium, members consulted about the experience of GanoHerb in the field of product export and scientific research cooperation. They showed great interest in academic research, international cooperation, deep processing and export of Lingzhi. A student also asked whether GanoHerb can cooperate with local scientific research institutions exchange, jointly develop new Ganoderma health products.

China has the most abundant resources of edible and medicinal fungi and the largest production and export volume in the world. Practical technology training is one of the important measures taken by the Chinese government to strengthen south-south cooperation, implement the " Belt And Road" strategy and promote exchanges and cooperation between China and other developing countries.



In 2014, GanoHerb won the United Nations award in Washington DC in recognition of special contribution to South-South and Triangular Cooperation.


Since 2009, as the leading exporter of Reishi in China, The Ganoderma manufacturer GanoHerb has actively participated in South-South cooperation and has held more than 30 different types of international edible fungi training courses not only for the cultivation and management of hundreds of edible and medicinal fungi talents but also promoted the development of the edible and medicinal fungi industry in developing countries and promoted employment and economic development in developing countries through the industry.



In 2015, GanoHerb plantation was identified as the Demonstration Base of Edible-Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation and Processing Technology by the UNIDO.

To realize the goal that "Chinese Ganoderma is shared by the world",  GanoHerb will strive to promote the Chinese Ganoderma culture, continue to provide economic and technical assistance to the developing countries in the same field, strengthen comprehensive cooperation among developing countries and achieve a broader and broader contribution to South-South cooperation.


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