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The Delegation of the EU to China Paid a field visit to GANOHERB Group
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On October 21st, Philippe Vialatte, Minister Counsellor, head of the Science, Technology and Environment Section of the EU Delegation to China, paid a field visit to GANOHERB Group headquarters in Fuzhou High-tech Zone, accompanied by relevant leaders such as Director Dong Keqin of the European Division of CSTEC and Director Zhang Yun of Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Exchange Center.


Philippe Vialatte's team visited GANOHERB Ganoderma Cultural Exhibition Hall. Vice General Manager Li Xiaoyu extended a warm welcome to Philippe Vialatte’s team and introduced GANOHERB’s culture and history, cultivation environment, R&D and innovation and product marketing to them.


Fujian is an important starting point and birthplace of the ancient Chinese Maritime Silk Road. It has been in close contact with Europe in history. Ganoderma lucidum became famous as a treasure in the treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine as early as a thousand years ago. Fujian is the core production area of Chinese Ganoderma and the origin of Chinese organic Ganoderma. At present, Fujian is accelerating the construction of the core area of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. For the Ganoderma health industry, this is undoubtedly a great opportunity to promote technological innovation and global development.


As early as 2006, GANOHERB passed the organic certification of China, the United States, Japan and the European Union. It exported its products to Spain, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and other international markets as representatives of China's Lingzhi. Its increasingly abundant types of Reishi products bring health to the global people and spread thousands of years of TCM culture to them. These products are trusted and loved by local consumers. In 2016 and 2018, GANOHERB successively developed the International Business Standard for Ganoderma Lucidum Extract and the International Business Standard for Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil, which once again won the international right to speak for the export of Chinese Reishi products.


Vice GM Li Xiaoyu was introducing GANOHERB Group to the delegation


After listening to the relevant introduction of Vice GM Li Xiaoyu, the delegation conducted in-depth exchanges on issues related to the talent introduction and further international scientific research cooperation.


During the exchange, the EU delegation to China expressed great appreciation for the pioneering innovation of GANOHERB Group in the field of deep processing and development of Ganoderma products and the strict quality management system. They also expressed their hope to see that Chinese Lingzhi enterprises, represented by GANOHERB, upgraded scientific, cultural and economic cooperation with the EU, particularly in the massive health industry.


GANOHERB's foreign-trade products


Over the years, GANOHERB has broken through the barriers of overseas markets with its industry-leading deep processing technology and standards. It has gradually promoted traditional Ganoderma culture to a global perspective. The visit of the EU delegation to China not only witnessed the evolution of GANOHERB from the former primary Ganoderma raw material supplier to the global high-standard Ganoderma brand enterprise but also encouraged GANOHERB to continue to strengthen biotech research and to strive for more international cooperation resources so that China's good Ganoderma will benefit the whole world.

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