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Drinking Soup Before, With Or After A Meal?
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Three meals a day can’t do without soup.

Those who advocate drinking soup before a meal believe that

drinking soup before a meal helps improve appetite and promotes the body to fully absorb the nutrients.

Those who advocate drinking soup after a meal believe that drinking soup before a meal will dilute the gastric juice and reduces the digestive function of the intestines while drinking soup after a meal helps promote the body to absorb the nutrients.


Is it good to drink soup before meals or after meals?

Drinking soup before meals helps digest.

Drinking soup before meals can add water to the body,  moisten digestive tracts, provide a certain satiety to avoid overeating at meals.

Drink soup after meals helps add heat to the body. 

Drinking soup after taking some food can add heat, especially at increasingly cold weather.


In addition to drinking soup before and after meals, some people like to "drinking soup while eating", which is not recommended.

Because drinking soup with meals will probably dilute the concentration of the saliva and gastric juice.

But so long as not to drink lots of soup, drinking a little soup with meals exerts a little effect on the digestive juice in the gastrointestinal tract.

In conclusion: drinking soup before, with or after meals are not absolutely healthy. 


You should pay attention to the following two points when drinking soup.

1.  Don’t drink too much at once.

Never drink more than half a bowl of soup so that sufficient time will be left for the stomach and intestines to digest and absorb food.


1.  The drinking quantity should be subject to the drinker.

People suitable for drinking soup before meals include those who hope to lose weight, those with poor digestive function and poor appetite. Drinking soup before meals can decrease the intake of the total food and help control body weight. It is better to drink soup 20 minutes before meals.

People suitable for drinking soup after meals include those who want to increase weight and live in cold areas and gastropathy patients. Drinking soup after having a full stomach will increase the intake of the total energy. It is best to drink 10 minutes after meals.


3 The erroneous zone of drinking soup

You should not drink soup without eating meat.

In fact, the nutrition of the soup is inside the meat. The nutrient content contained in the soup is less than 10% while 90% of the nutrition is contained in the meat.

So, if you want to obtain various nutrient substances, eat meat and drink soup at the same time.


You should not drink hot soup newly out of the pot.

Researches have shown that frequent eaters of scalding food are likely to get oral or esophagus cancer.

So it is best to drink soup below 50℃.


Don’t eat cooked rice soaked in the soup.

If you soak the cooked rice in the soup, you will eat rice without chewing, which increases the burden to your stomach. If you continue eating this way, you will easily get stomach discomfort.


It doesn’t mean that the longer you cook the soup, the better the soup will be.

The overboiled soup contains a higher content of purine, which increases the risk of gout and gradually decreases the nutrients in the food.

·      Recommended soup-boiling time:

·      Within half an hour for seafood soup or vegetable soup;

·      About an hour for fish soup;

·      1 to 2 hours for chicken soup or pork chop soup;

·       No more than 3 hours for bone broth or pig's trotters soup.


Don’t add medicinal materials into the soup.

All kinds of traditional Chinese medicinal materials have potential consumption effects on the liver. If you randomly add medicinal materials into the soup, such soup will have side effects on the liver. If you cook the soup with only one kind of traditional Chinese medicinal material for a long time, your body will generate resistance to drugs.

Therefore, it’s best to scientifically collocate Chinese herbal medicines to cook soup under the guidance of TCM experts to preserve health. It’s recommended to choose those medicinal materials mild in nature such as Lingzhi, Chinese yam, Goji, Dangshen and Polygonatum odoratum.


Crucian carp soup stewed with Ganoderma sinensis

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