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Ganoderma, A Treasure That Nurses Your Health
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In autumn, the feeling of being sleepy and tired is becoming more and more obvious. Many people think that this is the normal manifestation of "autumn weariness". They don't know that this is actually closely related to the imbalance of the five solid organs.


Heart injury, liver damage, spleen deficiency, lung deficiency, kidney deficiency... When the body sends out corresponding signals, you should pay attention to the following physiological manifestations.


Heart injury manifests itself as the inability to fall asleep when sleepy, inability to recover from fatigue after waking up, amnesia and inattention.


Liver damage manifests itself as fatigue after rest and recurrent fatigue. 


Spleen deficiency manifests itself as weakness of limbs and muscular soreness.


Lung deficiency manifests itself as indisposition to talk and insufficient strength.


Kidney deficiency manifests itself as hair loss, aching lumbus and limp legs and stiffness on neck and shoulder.


Many people use anti-fatigue products to temporally alleviate fatigue, which can not fundamentally improve their physical condition and benefit their health. Moreover, although the five solid organs have their own physiological functions, they are not isolated. Through the connection of the meridians, the five solid organs cooperate with each other to maintain the normal life activities of the human body and also affect each other in pathological changes.


How to choose  Ganoderma products on the market? Safety should be placed first. The Ganoderma you eat must be reliable, traceable, standard-compliant, safe and effective. If you eat a Ganoderma product with unknown origin or without quality assurance, you are treating your health as a joke.

GANOHERB which focuses on Ganoderma for 30 years will be your safe choice.


As the demonstration base of edible-medicinal mushroom cultivation and processing technology determined by the UNIDO and one of the earliest bases of traditional Chinese medicinal materials in China which featuring full traceability management, no sulfur-fumigated processing, no aflatoxin contamination & non-pollution standardized planting.


To produce safe Lingzhi requires attention to every production link including cultivation. GANOHERB, a Ganoderma Manufacturer, ensures the cleanliness of Ganoderma spore powder with patent technologies. For GANOHERB’s products, each batch of raw materials will undergo double testing of pesticide residues and heavy metals. Production and processing in GMP-certified production workshops, full use of purified water and innovative spore powder processing technology all lead to GANOHERB’s safe and effective Ganoderma.


Based on safe quality, GANOHERB’s Ganoderma products can be sold worldwide. GANOHERB’s organic Reishi Mushroom originating from the source of the Minjiang River in the Wuyi Mountains serves not only the people in more than ninety cities across China but also those who live in more than 30 countries and regions in the globe.


GANOHERB’s Ganoderma fashion drinks exported to the world


In autumn and winter, the body should be nourished with Ganoderma, which regulates vitality and maintains longevity.

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