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Ganoderma That Preserves Health
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When you are young, you are desperate to make money. When you are old, you spend money on

illness. Is that the life you want?


In this case, why not preserve your health when you are young?

Money is paper if spent treating the disease!

Money is value if spent preserving health!

You will get health and happiness if spending money on health!

If you want to stay away from illness and enjoy life, please start with health preservation!


Health preservation is life cultivation.

That works for one day with one injection or one transfusion bottle is called hormones or antibiotics.

The pills which take effect in a few days are called medicines.

But either hormones, antibiotics or medicines have side effects on the body. But Ganoderma is 

different because it generates no side effects after being taken for one month or several years. Taking

Ganoderma can be called a way of health cultivation.

Health is the greatest wealth in life!

What are the manifestations of health cultivation by Ganoderma?

1. Dredging the meridian. The bad health is mainly caused by the blockage of the meridians. So, what should we do to make the blood run smoothly? This has to be said from the meridian. We know that the channel through which blood is run is the meridian. If the blood is not running smoothly, it will be blocked. At this time, the most important thing is to dredge the blocked meridian. Therefore, one of the most emphasized words of Chinese medicine is to “dredge the meridians”.


The meridian is like a net in the human body. The meridians are deeply hidden in the human body. The collaterals are small branches of the meridians, which are connected to each other and directly reach the body surface. Although they are invisible, they are like a huge Internet.


Acupoints are individual stations on the net. The Qi and blood are the locomotives that pass through each station without stopping. Once the locomotives stop, we need to consult the doctors to manage the network by dredging the meridians. Ganoderma lucidum plays a strong role in dredging the meridians. Normally it takes effect after 2 to 3 months of continuous consumption of Ganoderma lucidum.


2. Nourishing Qi and blood

The human body needs the support of Qi and blood. With sufficient Qi and blood, people will enjoy health and longevity. Otherwise, people will get sick easily. So we said that the most important thing about health is to nourish Qi and blood. All human health problems are caused by the stagnant movement of Qi and blood or deficiency of Qi and blood; all physical problems must be solved by regulating and replenishing Qi and blood.


The most important thing in human health is "Qi and blood". All diseases in our body are caused by problems with Qi and blood. From fever and cold to tumors and blood clots, the main causes of these diseases are stagnant or insufficient blood and Qi.


Since Reishi mushroom can help us make up the Qi and blood, the body's self-healing ability will automatically launch and work. Qi and blood is the foundation of the acquired constitution of the human. The human body's viscera, bone channels and collaterals, hair and skin must rely on the nourishment of Qi-blood. The body cannot survive without Qi and blood.



3. Adjusting the balance

The five solid organs and six hollow organs are definitely the hardware of the human body. The organs have the distinction of yin and yang. The five solid organs are yin while the six hollow organs are yang. The five solid organs refer to the heart, lung, spleen, liver and kidney. The five solid organs have the functions of generation and storage of vital essence. Although their physiological functions are different, various physiological functions among the five solid organs are interdependent and mutually constrained to maintain a coordinated balance of their physiological activities. The six hollow organs refer to the gall bladder, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, bladder, and triple energizer. Their common function is to accept the decomposed water, pass the food essence and excretion dross.


The various physiological functions between the five solid organs and the six hollow organs are interdependent and mutually constrained to maintain a harmonious balance of human physiological activities. Usually, even if a disease occurs, the body itself can fully cope. Of course, not all diseases are cured by the body itself. Some diseases are still treated by drugs, surgery, and psychology.


In most cases, exogenous causes and drugs are only one aspect in the process of disease occurrence and treatment, while on the other hand, the main role is the human body itself. Chinese medicine believes that if the body is full of healthy Qi, the evil Qi will not destroy the balance of yin and yang in the body.


Lingzhi can regulate the balance of the five solid organs and the six hollow organs, nourish and supplement the blood that needs Qi and ensure unimpeded meridians; and sufficient blood depends on the healthy five solid organs. The solid and hollow organs have the ability to cooperate with each other. If one of the functions is out of order, the body will lose balance and get sick.

The root of health is in Qi and blood. If you want to be healthy, you must have sufficient Qi and blood, dredge the meridians and balance the solid and hollow organs. This is the root of health preservation and the efficacy value of Ganoderma lucidum.


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