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GANOHERB was listed in "China's Top 100 Organic Brands"
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On November 12, the fifth China Organic Conference and the first Mount Wuyi Forum, which lasted for 3 days, was held grandly in Mount Wuyi, a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site. In this national organic industry event, GANOHERB was honorarily listed in "China's top 100 organic brands".

This year’s Organic Conference was hosted by the Nanping Municipal People’s Government of Fujian Province and the Organizing Committee of China Organic Conference and organized by Nanping Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the "Organic Slow Life" magazine. Its theme was "The Road to Organic Development in China in the Post-epidemic Era". Its aim was to further promote the development of the national organic industry after the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. It summarized the experience in the development of organic industry in Nanping's targeted poverty alleviation process and shared the results of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization with the general public.
Since 2006, GANOHERB has been planting Ganoderma lucidum according to international organic standards and has passed the GLOBALG.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice) and international organic certifications of China, the United States, Japan and the European Union for 15 consecutive years. It is the "Demonstration Base of Edible-Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation and Processing Technology" identified by the UNIDO.

Inspectors from the French National Accreditation Commission and the inspectors from the French headquarters of ECOCERT conducted GLOBALG.A.P (Global Good Agricultural Practice) annual audit and spot check at the Ganoderma lucidum base of GANOHERB.
In more than 300 pesticide residue tests conducted by third-party authorities each year, the test results of GANOHERB Reishi mushroom are all "negative." Today, this Lingzhi base is also the first batch of national "Three Nons and One Whole" brand medicinal material base in 2018, that is, sulfur-free processing, the aflatoxin content complying with national regulations, non-pollution and whole process traceability.
Since its establishment, GANOHERB has been adhering to the corporate philosophy of "passing on the millennia health culture and contributing wellness for all", focusing on producing quality ganoderma lucidum, participating in various public welfare undertakings such as anti-cancer, education assistance and poverty alleviation in various forms. It has long been involved in making efforts to fight against poverty in Pucheng.

The base for the "Demonstration Research Project on Standardized Planting of Fujian-produced High-quality Authentic Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials including Ganoderma and Targeted Poverty Alleviation" undertaken by GANOHERB
In recent years, GANOHERB has continued to innovate poverty alleviation models such as "company + base + poor households", "company + cooperatives + poor households", "transfer of land for poor households" and "poverty alleviation workshops" in order to develop the characteristic poverty alleviation industry of Ganoderma lucidum. In 2019, GANOHERB cooperated with more than 1,000 peasant households. Particularly, it helped more than 400 poor households increase the income by more than 10,000 yuan per year. At the same time, GANOHERB also undertook the "Demonstration Research Project on Standardized Planting of Fujian-produced High-quality Authentic Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials including Ganoderma and Targeted Poverty Alleviation". It was successfully selected as a classic case of "One County, One Product" in 2019.

Pass on the Millennia Health Culture
Contributing to Wellness for All

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