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GANOHERB has participated in the CIIE for three consecutive sessions
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On November 5, 2020, the 3rd China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai as scheduled. Although the world is still shrouded in the shadow of the epidemic, CIIE exhibitors from all over the world are still here as scheduled. This is also the third time that Ganoherb International Inc, the American branch of Ganoherb Group, has been invited to participate in the China International Import Expo.

Ganoherb booth


During the CIIE, GanoHerb brought new Ganoderma products such as Reishi American drip black coffee and Reishi sleep aid capsule. Compared with previous sessions, Ganoherb set up a larger booth this year. At 8 o'clock on November 5th, Ganoherb staff were busy walking between the booths. Reishi Coffee, Reishi Latte, Reishi hot chocolate and other tastings have long been ready.


After the opening of the exhibition hall at 8:30, the flow of people in Hall 7 began to increase. The Ganoherb booth soon attracted a large number of merchants to stop for consultation and tasting. 

Domestic and foreign merchants had a strong interest in GanoHerb products


"The combination of the bitter taste of Ganoderma lucidum and the aroma of coffee creates a good taste without the slightest sense of disharmony." Ganoherb drip black coffee made from organic Ganoderma lucidum from the source of the Minjiang River in the Wuyi Mountains, Brazilian Arabica coffee beans and Indonesian Robusta coffee beans, has received numerous praises on the spot.

Customers waiting to try Reishi American drip coffee

As we all know, due to the impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic, immunity has become a global hot topic, and how to improve human immunity has become the most concerned issue of the common people. "The first person of Chinese Ganoderma", Professor Lin Zhi-Bin, repeatedly mentioned in the specially engaged live broadcast column of "Sharing Doctors" that "Ganoderma lucidum is non-toxic and can enhance human immunity". For office workers, healthy drinks such as Lingzhi Coffee, Ganoderma Hot Chocolate, Ganoderma Latte are excellent choices for them to refresh themselves and boost their immunity.

Guests inquired about healthy drinks such as Ganoderma lucidum coffee or hot chocolate.

On the afternoon of November 5th, Yuan Chaohong, the mayor of Nanping came to the GanoHerb booth. At the scene, Mayor Yuan was very interested in Ganoherb’s overseas products. He tasted Reishi coffee, Reishi latte and Reishi hot chocolate. He also asked about GanoHerb's recent developments, new product development and market sales. He suggested that Ganoherb should use the platform of the CIIE to increase promotion, make in-depth communication, carry out precise docking and vigorously introduce advanced equipment, technology and management concepts in order to continuously enhance the core competitiveness of products and expand and strengthen the enterprise.


Mayor Yuan tasted Reishi coffee on the spot.

Mayor Yuan consulted on the development of GanoHerb's new products.
In the future, Ganoherb will also combine the health needs and dietary characteristics of the people in various countries and regions to develop more higher-quality Reishi foods or nutrition products to achieve the vision of "sharing Chinese Ganoderma with the world " in the hope that more families can use Ganoderma in their daily life and eat Lingzhi as common and ordinary as eating vegetables.
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