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◆In 2015, GanoHerb Group was formally founded.

◆In 2014,  FUJIAN XIANZHILOU BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. won the United Nations award in Washington DC in recognition of special contribution to South-South and Triangular Cooperation. 

◆In 2014, GanoHerb Technology(Fujian) Corporation co-founded the "GanoHerb Academician Workstation" with the Institute of Drug Development Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

◆In 2014, Xianzhilou on the optimal list of health food enterprise of Fujian province

◆In 2012, Xianzhilou was authorized as the "Local-State United Engineering Research Center for the Plantation and Further-processing of Medicinal Fungi" by our nation.

◆The academician workstation of Xianzhilou was entitled "Top Ten Academician Workstation in Fujian"in December 2011.
◆Xianzhilou organic ganoderma was awarded a gold prize of The 9th China AG Trade Fair in November 2011.
◆In 2010, Xianzhilou was authorized as the "Provincial Research Center for Medicinal Fungi in Fujian".
◆Collaborated with Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China's first organic ganoderma academician workstation was established by Xianzhilou in December, 2010.
◆Xianzhilou was awarded the gold prize of BioFach China in 2010, also named as International Organic Trade Fair and Conference.
◆Xianzhilou Organic Ganoderma series products were selected as designated healthcare gifts of Fujian
◆Exhibition Hall in the Expo 2010 Shanghai China.
◆Xianzhilou was identified as a Fujian provincial-level enterprise technology center in 2009.
◆Xianzhilou Organic Ganoderma Green Tea won the golden prize in the 7th International Agricultural Products Trade Fair in 2009
◆Xianzhilou was granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology as Fujian's public technology service platform for natural products in 2009.
◆Xianzhilou was entitled as a "Fujian High-Tech Enterprise" in 2008.
◆Xianzhilou assumed the National Spark Program in 2008.
◆Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil was selected a "Fujian Top Brand Product" in 2008.
◆"XIANZHILOU" trademark was selected as a "Fujian Top Brand" by the Provincial Administration of Industry & Commerce in Fujian in 2008.
◆Xianzhilou was selected as a "Leading Provincial Agricultural Enterprise in Fujian" by Fujian Provincial People's Government in 2008.
◆Xianzhilou was selected as a "National R&D Centers for Edible-Fungi Processing" by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2007.
◆Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil is awarded as the "Fujian Provincial Outstanding New Product" in 2007.
◆Xianzhilou was awarded as a "Leading Provincial Agricultural Enterprise in Fujian" in 2007.
◆Xianzhilou Brand Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder series products are awarded as "Fujian Brand Products" in 2006.
◆Xianzhilou Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil was awarded as "Chinese Mushroom Association's Endorsed Product" in 2005.
◆The Green Consumable Product endorsed by Fujian Consumer Committee, 2001 to 2003.

◆Fujian's Best Selling Product at China Green Foods Exhibition in 2002.

◆Xianzhilou got the "Best Product Award in Fujian Provincial Agriculture Name Brand" award at the 2001 Characteristic and Innovative Products Contest in 2001.

◆Xianzhilou got the "Best Product" award at Fujian Provincial Agriculture Premium Products Exposition in 2000.
◆Xianzhilou got the "Best Characteristic Product from Fujian" award at Kunming World Exposition in 1999.
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