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Xianzhilou Awarded by UN “South-South Cooperation Special Award”
Xianzhilou jointly organize “South-South Cooperation Seminar of Edible and Medicinal Fungi Industry
Xianzhilou Once Again invited to North America Promotion Conference
Xianzhilou Makes Big Success in the North America Promotion Conference
Save Green for the Next Generation,Xianzhilou Environment-Protecting Tree Planting Activity
More Love, More Hope --Xianzhilou and Organo Gold Charity Activity
West Strait Organic Ganoderma Industrial Park in Nanping
Xianzhilou invested hundreds of millions to establish GanoHerb Industrial Park in August,2009
Xianzhilou Company  is appointed to publish the national standard of Ganoderma lucidum spore powder
Xianzhilou organic Ganoderma products passed OK Kosher Certification
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